Monday, October 11, 2010

How not to clear your sinuses

So I was about to eat leftover homemade pizza for lunch today. I soaked the slices in Frank's Hot Sauce (one of my favs) as I usually do. I'm a fan of hot sauce on pizza, burgers, you name it. The problem was I put a tad too much hot sauce on the pizza. When I swallowed my first bite some of the hot sauce somehow managed to get up my nose through the back of my throat. I could feel it burning the depths of my nose and my sinuses. My nose started to water. Then my eyes started to water. I tried to blow my nose, but that simply aggravated it. Not to mention pulling the burning hot sauce up through my entire nose.

Like a genius, I thought, "I'll just inhale some water through my nose". It felt like my entire face was about to explode.

But my sinuses were about a clear as they have ever been.

So if you ever manage to get hot sauce in your nose, don't do what I did. Ever. Trust me on this one.

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