Monday, October 4, 2010

Is heavy metal music inherently evil?

I was thinking about heavy metal music this morning as I was listening to The Devil Wears Prada and remembered an old VHS documentary that we used to have when I was a teenager called Hell's Bells. It was pretty good for what it was, but I remember them painting a very negative picture of rock music. I'm pretty sure they flat out condemned rock music in any form as both spiritually dangerous and physically damaging to you. Some obviously might not be helpful to listen to when they're flat out worshiping the Devil, but is the genre as a whole just flat out of the Devil? They seem to think it is (or at least they did at the time the video was made).

So that's my question: Is heavy metal music inherently evil? Can the heaviest sounding music, even with growling vocals, glorify God? I absolutely think it can. I might expound on that in a post, I might not. But I want to hear your thoughts.

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stephen said...

I remember a girl back in the mid 90's must have seen that or something like it and was talking about the Alice In Chains line "Jesus Christ, deny your maker" with a little gusto... I said you know what the next line is? She says no... I said it's "he who tries will be wasted"... She said really?!?!

Not that that song has any positive Christian overtones but I had kind of come out of the secular music world at the time and was kind of blown away at how dumb some of that stuff was...

I believe that as Christians we must be grounded in what we believe... I came to a place finally after years of struggling with whether or not it was ok to listen to secular rock music and started listening some again and I could hear lots of people really searching for something and I decided I could use that as my platform to listen to music I enjoyed but I could pray for these people because they are really searching for something real to latch onto...

Plus listening to Iron Maiden or something isn't going to send me to hell!!